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Stop Relying On Eyeglasses

Here’s a trick for better vision: the hack is called a “finger push-up.” This exercise helps strengthen the eye muscles, which can help improve vision.

To perform this exercise: hold your finger at arm’s length in front of your face and slowly bring your finger closer to your nose, focusing your eyes on your fingertip as you do so. Once your digit is about an inch away from your nose, hold it for a moment before slowly moving it back to arm’s length. Repeat this process about ten times.

You can improve your vision even more with antioxidants. Research points to free radicals as the main culprit to eye health. When the body is void of nourishment to combat free radicals, issues such as blurry vision and eyestrain can occur.

That’s why the TheyaVue supplement uses only the highest quality natural ingredients proven effective in protecting your eyes. The supplement is an antioxidant bonanza.

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